Are you looking to get involved in print advertising photo shoots? Great! Let's work together.

Purple Casting is always looking to work with new real people talent as well as professional models. In addition to holding live castings for print advertising projects, we also pull from our database of dynamic talent to ensure that the client has seen all of the talent options that the Bay Area has to offer. When you attend one of our castings, you are automatically added to that database. This allows us to submit you to projects that may not be holding a live audition but instead, are relying on our archive of incredible talent to choose from. We are constantly booking models directly from the database! Which means you might get a job by simply sitting on your couch!

So this is how it works:

  • Send in your photos
  • We invite you to attend a casting
  • We put your photo in our database
  • Clients love you
  • You are happy!
  • Your mom is proud
  • You are in a print ad
  • We book you for a job

How to get in our system:

Please email us at

Include the following information:

Your Name, Email Address + Phone Number

Please include 2 - 4 clear photos that show your current appearance.

Include one head shot (a close-up photo of your face - like a passport photo) + one full body shot.

Under the age of 18? Minors can join Purple Casting too with the help of their legal guardian!

Please be aware that minors (under the age of 18) must have a current entertainment work permit in order to work on set.
Click here for more information on how to obtain a work permit for a minor.

Are you a professional model?

Please ask your agent to submit you to our next casting.